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Pharrell's Steps to Success Pt 2 of 3 [Rest In Beats] [audio only]

Opiyo gets Grammy Award-winning producer Pharrell Williams' 3 major Steps to Success. From band class to music icon. "You Can Do it Too". Look out for Pharrell in the upcoming documentary, Rest In Beats.

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Pharrell's advice for today's artist...beware [Audio only]

Opiyo hangs in NY as multi-Grammy Award-Winning producer Pharrell Williams shares his only advice for aspiring artists. Pharrell speaks on being competitive, the saturated industry, and education. Exclusive interview by Billboard. Opiyo Okeyo for Rest In Beats.

Listen on as Rest In Beats' hangs out at the 2009 Billboard/AdWeek Music & Advertising Conference in NYC. Tips for Artists. Pharrell's advice.

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Pharrell's Words Of Wisdom


*Get Inspired!*

This is an inspirational compilation of audio, video, and pictures of Pharrell Williams. He gives great advice on how to never give up on your dreams and to always believe in yourself because believing in yourself pays dividend in the end...Enjoy!