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Mentor Monday Podcast (Ep. 1) : Selling Beats Online, Music Industry & More

Mentor Program: http://bit.ly/2doTcaH

Welcome to the Mentor Monday Podcast Episode 1. There’s a lot that I’ve wanted to do when it comes to online. I feel like this world of Selling Beats Online is just now getting to a place in business where there is a real value in sharing the information on how to thrive in it. I wanted to make this podcast for all the producers that can’t quite afford the Producer Mentor Program. I believe everyone deserves to get some information on how to properly approach this business.


Producers are selling beats the wrong way!

Producers selling beats to other producers? Joe Budden's OVO "goon" is promoting a mixtape? Pain 1 is a hater?

This rant courtesy of http://www.beatstars.com

DJ Pain 1