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SOTT: Music Production - Change Sample Timing, But Not Pitch In FL Studio

Hey fellow humans,

It's Draydel and I'm here with a 'Sides Of The Top' tutorial about how to change the timing of your sample, but not the pitch - in FL Studio (Fruity Loops Studio). I'm a performing producer from Miami, FL and I absolutely love music. This is all that I do

I'm going start giving you guys some important keys to become successful in the music industry. So stay tuned for more videos about production, DJing, engineering and even marketing/branding yourself!

Interested in some production?


Sample Clearing

If you’re a hip hop artist or producer, odds are, you either have or will be faced with the issue of using a sample in your music. The biggest problem with this is that most people wait until their music project is completed before they start dealing with the legal aspects associated with clearing those samples.