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DJ Toomp Talks How He Sell Beats (Process And Mindset) 2016 Pt. 2

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DJ Toomp gives advice to producers,
talks about how he sell beats, the importance of using high quality sounds, thoughts on Rick Ross, his submission process, relationships with artists and artists and who he'd like to produce for.


DJ Toomp

DJ Toomp Talks How He Sell Beats (Process And Mindset) 2016 Pt. 1

http://www.bangmyish.com/ - DJ Toomp discusses Mixtapes, if he was a rapper, how he started DJing & producing,

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DJ Toomp

Tutorials by S-X - "How To Sell Beats & Getting The Best Deal" | s-xbeats.com

A detailed description of how I advise going about selling beats to artists, both to independent and signed. This is just my opinion, I hope it helps :)
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How To Sell Beats Online [SuperStar O]

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"How To Sell Beats Online Tips & Tricks"

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How To Sell Beats & Songs On Music Centro

Published on Jun 19, 2013
This tutorial will show you how to sell beats and songs on Music Centro. Sign up now at http://www.musiccentro.com
You can skip ahead to the following sections:

1. Sign Up/Login - 00:50
2. Settings & PayPal - 02:17
3. Custom Contracts - 06:34
4. Upload Tracks - 07:22
5. My Shop & Orders - 11:42
6. Coupon Discounts - 14:19
7. Embed The Player - 15:07
8. Questions & Support - 16:18

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Anno Domini Nation

The Best Place to Sell Your Beats Online

I hear this topic come up a lot in this niche. Everybody wants’ to know the best place to sell their beats when their just getting started online. This decision will be completely up to you when it comes down to it, but I will do my best to try to steer you in the best direction that I can. I have already wrote about SoundClick.com & MyFlashStore.net in previous articles on this blog, so check them out to when you get a chance.

Where Should You Advertise Your Beats Online?

Where Should You Advertise Your Beats Online: I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. Producers want to know the best place to advertise their beats so they can increase their sales. To be honest I think there is a lot of places a producer can advertise their beats. So I’ve decided to write this article focusing on nothing but all the places I recommend you get some ads on to help boost your beat sales.