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The Free Kia Instrument VST Plugin is Back! or Is It?!?

The free Kia Instrument is a VST plugin for both Windows & MacOSX (works in all DAWs). The original version was taken down due to possible trademark infringements but they did some minor tweaking. However, it's still a mono synth (sadly). I do enjoy the reorganization of the patches. It seems more useful than last time. What do you think??

social media: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
KIA Instrument: https://worldwide.kia.com/int/sounds-in-nature/our-instrument
Drums used: https://www.thempcstore.com/mpc-expansions/neo-sunset.html
DAW Used: https://www.thempcstore.com/mpc-software

DJ Ave McRee

Audio Damage Has Over 30 Free VST Plugin for Both Windows MacOSX

Audio Damage is a reputable music software that's giving away their legacy VST plugins for free! They work on both Windows & MacOSX (in all DAWs)! I show you where to get them & demonstrate a few. Let me know which plugin is your favorite & downloaded in the comments below!

get the Audio Damage VST plugins here

get CR8 here

how to install VST plugins

how to install VST plugins with no installation file

DJ Ave McRee

5 Free VST Plugins That Don't Suck! Synths[Audio Examples]

This video's about the best free VST synths plugins (for both Windows & Apple MacOSX) that don't suck! I'm tired of people recommending free plugins they only use for one video! All these VST's are good for any genre of music & one for a limited time (the Kontakt 25 expansion deal will be over 1/1/2022!). So hurry up and scoop that before it's too late. Otherwise, you'll find much joy in using these plugins. No matter what style of music you make. If I missed out on one. Please leave a comment on what free synth plugins I should check out soon.

DJ Ave McRee