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The Daily Grind

G The Mastermind - The Daily Grind Episode 3 - One Ride Away

Published on May 3, 2013
After couple days in Miami, G The Mastermind comes back to the Chocolate city to collaborate with Ramone (Chi Music) to create a Masterpiece.

Life and the Times of The Mastermind "This is the Daily Grind"


Download One Ride Away with 2nd verse Open here - http://bit.ly/18zKjAU

Win $500 and the chance to be on the G The Mastermind's debut album.

Each contestant is required to do a 12 bar verse (singing or rapping) over the 2nd verse of the song Included

G The Mastermind

G the Mastermind - The Daily Grind Episode 2: No Days Off

Published on Mar 22, 2013
www.gthemastermind.com :::: @TheMastermind26 :::: G The Mastermind

On this episode of the daily grind, check out how G the Mastermind uses his "off time" to create new music from top to bottom. Here you get an inside look on how G does everything from production to laying tracks. #PayAttention

Directed by Doug "D.Redz" Dardenne @redzthirdeye

For more information or press on G the Mastermind, please contact Shayla Fugate at @ThrivingDreams or [email protected]

G The Mastermind

G the Mastermind - The Daily Grind Episode 1: The Start of Something Great

Published on Feb 8, 2013
G the Mastermind gives you a peak inside of his lifestyle and some of his daily moves while moving to the top in his new vlog "Life and Times of the Mastermind: The Daily Grind"

www.GtheMastermind.com coming soon!

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For more information or a press kit please contact Shayla Fugate for Thriving Dreams at [email protected].

G The Mastermind