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Beat Mixing And Making Master Class | SuperStar O

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Superstar O

Divine Mixing - SSL Native Template (Mixing and Recording Demo)

Divine Mixing - SSL Native Template is a zero latency recording and mixing template that transforms Logic Pro X into an efficient, world-class SSL console. Utilizing Channel Strip 2 processing on every channel (based on the 9000K console), alongside the SSL Native Bus Compressor 2 on the stereo bus, this all-new template provides authentic SSL tone, maximum CPU efficiency and a simple hands on workflow.

SSL Native Template is fully compatible with SSL UC1, UF8 and SSL360
Download: https://bit.ly/ssl-native-template

Sean Divine

Nailing Your Essential Mix Balance

In this tutorial, we'll cover a full mixing session with techniques for pro balancing to achieve loudness, clarity and depth in your final mix!

►DAW Presets & Templates:
*NEW* Divine Mixing SSL Native Template: https://bit.ly/ssl-native-template
Divine Mixing Vocal Chains SR (StudioRack): https://bit.ly/vocal-chains-sr
Divine Mastering Chains SR (StudioRack): https://bit.ly/mastering-chains-sr
Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V3 (Waves): https://bit.ly/vocal-chains-v3
Divine Mixing Vocal Chains LE (Logic Pro X): https://bit.ly/vocal-chains-le

Sean Divine