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Born in Germany to a Military family that loved Music, DJ Ave Mcree soon picked up on his musical capabilities at an early age. DJ Ave Mcree’s music has been featured on the big screen in hit movies “Perfect Stranger” and “What Happens in Vegas” along with various major TV commercials and Award shows. DJ Ave Mcree has been a prominent figure in the music industry. “Focusing on pushing the song so it reaches its potential”, is what separates DJ Ave from other DJ’s in the music industry.

Carl Nollie was born on April 17, 1982 to Jannie and Jerry Nollie in Frankfurt, Germany. At the age of 6, his family was re-located back to the United States and resided in the state of Georgia. Being that Ave Mcree’s father was in the Military, DJ grew up in a very strict household. In a result to this, DJ Ave Mcree and his siblings participated in a lot of Fine Art’s activities. DJ Ave Mcree loved to watch his grandmother play the piano and was amazed by her gifted playing. His uncle was a gifted drummer and his father was a talented violinist. DJ Ave Mcree knew from a young age that music would become his destiny.

While in high school, DJ Ave Mcree began focusing on DJ’ing and paying close attention to DJ Grand Master Flash & DJ Magic Mike. He began hosting shows around Georgia and surrounding areas at colleges and clubs. Word soon spread about this “Hot DJ” and he was soon invited to do major events along the East Coast.

DJ Ave’s biggest influence on his work skills were his father who was a great violinist, along with other musical pioneers such as Shawty Redd, Organized Noise, The Neptunes, DJ Premier, Mr. DJ and KLC & Moe B. Dick of Beats by the Pound, just to name a few. He has also worked with musical greats such as George Clinton, DJ Unk and Eight Ball & MJG, along with other heavyweights.

Having his music played on hit movies, television commercials for TIDE detergent and award shows such as the MTV Awards, which has been a great milestone for DJ Ave Mcree. Millions of people have heard his music but DJ has remained the same humbled guy that he was before he received the recognition as one of the Hottest DJ’s in the music industry.

Right now DJ Ave Mcree is working on promoting his production team “Trap Camp Entertainment” which features a group of experienced producers. In the future they hope to spin off a major label deal based off our credibility and own a website based off of iTunes distribute with a few variations. You can also catch DJ touring with “Dukes of Da’Ville, a Pop Group who he has been working with for eight years and who are currently signed to Capitol Music Group/EMI. Also, you can download they’re mixtape which is a prequel to they album due spring ’09 at www.myspace.com/avemccree.


www.rocbattle.com/avemcree (my online beatshop)
www.youtube.com/avemcree (Trap Camp Entertainment TV)

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