Earl The Pearll Talks Making Beats For Lil Yachty, Working With QC, Staying Independent + More

Earl The Pearll Producer Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We had Earl stop by and talk about making beats for Lil Yachty who has been his best friend since 3rd grade, He also talked about making beats for Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever album, working a regular job before his big opportunity as a producer, Working with QC rappers & more. Earl dropped some producer advice on how to get placements and build relationships. Earl also shared with us the best adivce his friend and mentor Coach K of QC/Solid Foundation has given him.

1:02 How Earl got his start with Yachty
1:41 How working with Yachty led to opportunities with other QC artists
2:26 Yachty started rapping in high school
3:31 Yachty being good at photography, graphic design and fashion
3:55 Earl moving out when Yachty signed his deal
4:31 How Earl survived between the time he graduated ad when Yachty got his deal
5:34 Working at Six Flags before he got on with Yachty & QC
9:15 Getting fired from Dollar General as Yachty is buzzing
9:47 The video One Night was a turning point for Yachty
10:35 Meeting P for the first time
11:09 Going on tour with Young Thug & XXL Cover
11:41 Moved out of his mom's house when Yachty signed his deal
12:44 Doing beat battles around the city
15:08 Being humble and kicking it with old friends
15:42 Yachty never turns down a picture
16:20 Selling beats online as an unknown producer
17:19 Don't rely on anybody
17:45 Don't be afraid to speak up and say you have beats around artists
18:57 Being Yachty's main producer and trying to get beats to other artists
19:44 Learning how to navigate social situations
20:29 Earl the Pearl's advice on getting a placement
22:35 Investing in yourself and your sounds
23:11 The new sound in music
23:58 Get your craft right before you do anything else
24:58 Have you ever had any conflicts working with an artist in the studio?
25:37 Earl & Lil Boat being honest with each other about their music
26:05 How Yachty got the red braids
28:15 Yachty has a great sense for entertainment
28:59 Overrated/Underrated
-FL Studio 20
-Moving to ATL for music
-Rap Snacks
-Home studio spaces
-V Lone
34:36 Being melodic with beats but also not doing too much
36:06 Learning to like pop music working at Dollar General
37:47 Yachty's relationship with Bad Bhabie
38:49 Blue checks, likes follows, jewelry and cars can dictate your career more than talent & music sometimes
41:29 Spotify streams vs Apple Music streams
42:18 Hire a music attorney
42:56 Working at QC as an independent producer
43:58 The Umm Factor - The Craziest Chains Earl Has Ever Seen
45:51 K $upreme raps but also makes his own beats
46:22 Earl reacts to Russ blaming producers for music being whack
4825: Hottest beats Earl has heard recently
50:08 making beats for Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever (Never Needed No Help Instrumental / Lil Baby - Fit In)
52:28 Always be at the studio
52:57 Putting out his own album
54:05 Emulating DJ Khaled and the old style of producing
54:59 Where to find Earl on social media
55:22 How Coach K gave him his nickname

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