ATL Jacob Talks Making Beats For Future, Signing to Freebandz & More

ATL Jacob interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We talked to the young Freebandz producer about a bunch of topics including how he met casino & eventually signed to Freebandz, People performing fake publicity stunts for marketing, making beats since 9th grade & more. He gave some producer advice and talked about his upcoming projects including his song with Future- Nowhere (Produced By ATL Jacob) on the newly released Superfly album.

ATL Jacob
0:52 Tired of going to the bank
1:11 How ATL Jacob got into the game
2:04 ATL Jacob’s 2018 so far
3:00 Publicity stunts for the gram
5:48 Staying in the house for his birthday
6:05 How he linked up with Freebandz
7:54 Making beats since 9th grade
8:50 being able to makes in quantity with high quality
9:18 What is a throw away beat?
9:42 How do you know which beats to play for which artists
10:24 Being officially signed to Freebandz
13:04 The buss down who thought Future just wanted to hangout and not smash
14:41 New rules in Atlanta
15:38 Rappers hating on producers
17:00 Spending no more than 30 minutes on a beat
17:36 Not spending too much time mixing while making the beat
18:08 Establishing relationships is the key to getting placements
19:36 Overrated/Underrated
-Chik Fil A
-Being able to play keys
-Spinz 808
-Face Tattoos
27:44 Working with Logan Paul
30:09 ATL Jacob started rapping
33:40 Blurring out his screen during his last Producergrind beat cookup
36:58 The new Superfly movie, ATL Jacob’s placement on the soundtrack and Future’s involvement as a producer of the film
40:39 Doing MoneyBagg Yo’s entire EP

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