Andrew Scheps' In-Depth Mixing Tips for Scheps Omni Channel

In this in-depth tutorial, mix engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Metallica, Jay Z) explores the 'hidden' features of his Omni Channel plugin and shows how you can use them to get great mixes. Learn more: https://www.waves.com/omni

For more personal tips from Andrew on how to use the Omni Channel, visit https://www.waves.com/scheps-omni-cha...

0:33 – Preamp: Saturation, Filters, Thump
4:05 – Gate / Expander
7:38 – DS2
9:51 – EQ
13:29 – Compressor
16:23 – ST, DUO, MS modes
19:44 – In/Out section
20:50 – Reordering the modules
21:23 – How to insert additional plugins into the Scheps Omni Channel
22:05 – FOCUS presets
23:21 – Parallel drum distortion

Music: Holloway, “Passerby”