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Is a musical genre originally from the south of the USA created at the beginning of the 90’s that’s based of the classical 808 Drum Kit.

Aggressive Brass, Triple Hi-Hats, Snappy Snare ,loud Kick and 808 long bass samples sounds make this musical style different from all other genres.

Even the unusual tempo of (135 – 170 BPM Double or Triple time) drives it further from the classical Hip Hop (70 – 115 BPM).

The “TRAP” Term

Refers to the place where drugs are being sold; the drug dealers are known as “Trappers” and the consumers as prey.

Socially “Trap” may also refer to a neighborhood, area or suburb with a very high unemployment rate where most residents don’t have jobs, unable to commit, partly because of the environment, leading to drug use and working in the drug trafficking trade.

Origins 1990 – 2010
The term appears for the first time in Atalanta, and among the first rappers to use the term “Trap” in music are: : Cool Breeze, Outkast and Goodie Mob.

The genre has been introduced to the musical industry at the beginning of the 90’s by UGK, Three 6 Mafia, Master P and Cool Breze.

In 2003 comes the first wave of trap music to the mainstream with the launch of T.I.’s second album titled “Trap Musik” selling more the 2 million copies.

The album’s single “24’s” has been used in the soundtrack of “Need for speed: Underground”

In 2005 another album makes it to the 2nd place in the billboards, this time from Young Jeezy with the album “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101”.

Climax 2010 – present
The second wave brings many producers of TRAP, the most popular being Lex Luger in just 1 year producing over 200 songs. Some of the artists he has collaborated with are Kanye West, Jay-Z or Rick Ross. At present it is one of the most successful musical genres influencing genres like pop, dance, house and creating new sub-genres like “TrapStep” “PsyTrap” or “Drill”.

Given the huge success the genre has had, many artists indie or signed are looking to purchase trap beats and if you’re a producer and are neglecting trap instrumentals, you are making a big mistake significantly reducing your online beat sales.
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