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Roland TR-808
"Was created in 1980 and was among the first analog drum machines, considered, at that time, a cheap musical instrument with inferior drum sound quality.”

Later it was, mostly, used in Hip Hop music, because of it’s capacity to produce that extremely low frequency bass sound.

Eventually Roland TR-808 will become the most widely used Drum Machine and achieve an iconic status in the modern music industry.

Today, Roland TR-808’s sound library (or 808 Drum Kit) is used in almost all genres, from underground to mainstream, and most hits since 2008 use the 808 Drum Kit.

Producers like David Guetta, Timbaland or Kanye West have used and are still using these famous 808 Drum samples, producing Hits in the New Modern Era of the musical industry.

One of the most famous albums, “808s & Heartbreak” of K. West was entirely produced with these digital drums and sold over 1.7 million copies.

Even though it’s used in many music genres (Dance, Pop, Electro) Hip Hop remains the genre it is most widely used in.

Among the sub-genres of Hip Hop that use 808:

Old School (since the 80’s) Southern (Trap most popular nowadays) or Midwest.

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