Decatur Dan sits down with Grammy Award Winning Production team, The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, to talk about the latest single off of Teflon Don, 'Aston Martin Music'. Rook, Colione, and Kenny talk about their experience working with Rick Ross, the making of the beat, and working as a production team.

9 years 48 weeks ago

Working on Life On Mars Tape - Krondon & Mars Co Wrote The Song " Soon As " That Features Marsha Ambrosious Check For It!!

Studio session
9 years 48 weeks ago

SAS working with Dj Khalil & Pete Rock On Arms & Hammers Coming Out On Blacksmith Music 2010 GET READY!!

Studio session
9 years 48 weeks ago

Part 3/3

9 years 48 weeks ago

Part 2/3

9 years 48 weeks ago

Started recording myself when i made the song. Hope you guys enjoy. Hope it inspires your next hit or next idea. God Bless

Jaylien 2010

9 years 48 weeks ago

I had this video up for about a year, then for some reason, YOUTUBE deleted it. So here it is again.

This is a video i made in 2008, of how i made BEAUTIFUL for Akon. I hope I inspire the minds of other producers and songwriters who are on the come up. Never let anyone tell you that being successful isn't possible. Put your trust in God and anything is possible.

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9 years 48 weeks ago

Session At Interscope w/Akon

Studio session
9 years 48 weeks ago

I just uploaded this video so people can get a glance of me putting together a track idea. I go through many phases before I get to a complete finished track. THis is just a little of the process. You can see my mistakes, my mess-ups and everything. I hope you all enjoy it.

9 years 48 weeks ago

I came up with an idea and had to run to the piano to record it. The modd is very emotional, the playing isn't perfect, but i get the idea across. I hope you guys enjoy this small piece.

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9 years 48 weeks ago

Random Producers