Watch this Overview of Voices of the Empire with Josh Carney as he demonstrates the cinematic and haunting vocals of Uyanga Bold. This library includes Mongolian, Bulgarian, and Western-Style multi-sampled instruments, dozens of expressive phrases in every key, 2 unique Mongolian legato vocal instruments, a traditional legato vocal instrument, and expressive vowel multi-sampled instruments. Uyanga Bold is a unique talent, melding the ethnic musical traditions of Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, and beyond. She is a trained opera singer with perfect pitch, fluent in Russian, Mongolian, French, German, and English. It's East meets West like you've never heard before. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, Voices of the Empire is a must-have virtual instrument for composers and musicians looking for that epic vocal sound for their next project. Now available for purchase or as part of a ComposerCloud subscription!

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Scott Storch - Still Storch (Vevo Original)

There are few music careers like that of Scott Storch. The esteemed producer-songwriter made his initial mark in Philly as a key member of the Roots. A great start, but just the beginning of a wild ride to the top. Storch’s way with crafting hooks and shaping melodies, as well as his knack of being in the right place at the right time, brought him to Cali, where the inspired keyboardist began shaping the sound of pop, hip-hop and R&B, working with an array of artists that stretch from Dr. Dre and Beyoncé to 50 Cent Christina Aguilera. The hits rolled in, the money stacked up, and creativity exploded. A big chunk of the 2000’s best music has Storch’s name on it. Then, through a string of drug troubles and monetary woes, he dropped out of sight for decade. It was the music’s loss. Now he’s back in action, and our intimate profile ‘Still Storch’ paints a portrait of a man who’s seen it all and is still cranking out great tracks. These days his studio hosts artists such as French Montana, Chris Brown, A$AP Ferg as well as talented newcomers like Kyle and Thutmose. A victory come-back. For hip-hop fans, ‘Still Storch’ is a must-see mini-doc, an extended look at talent, addiction, and an unyielding passion for artistry.

A Rollo Jackson Film in Association with Somesuch
Director of Photography: Bobby Shore
Editor: Adam Biskupski
Producer: Tarquin Glass
Director: Rollo Jackson

Executive Producers:
Joseph Patel, Justin Prager, Steve Lobel, Sarah Pearson, Sally Campbell, Tim Nash, Nathan Scherrer, Tom Connaughton, JP Evangelista

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In this video I go over a few mixing and mastering tips that will help your mixes sound huge!
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When you're trying to grow your music YouTube channel it can be discouraging when no one is finding your content. As music producers, rappers, singers, and musicians we spend so much time and money creating content to share with the world that when no one is seeing it we can start to lose hope. Well I've been there and I know what it feels like to want to throw in the towel. That's why in this video I share some tips and techniques that anyone can use to grow their channel faster than ever before. It worked for me. It works for thousands of others. It will work for you too.

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PART 3 OF 4 : @iampvnch got a chance to tap on how important Family Values are to Swizz. The weight of carrying the awareness of making sure His Ex Wife & Present are on the same page. And Mirrors the dynamic to Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith's .. PLUS TONS MORE

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This question comes from @ComposerHal on Twitter - keep sending them in!



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Music Producers Curtiss King and EPIK THE DAWN Answer your questions about selling beats online and present to you more information about their Music Producer Union.

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