Producer/rapper Beatking interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Beatking aka Club Godzilla stopped by to talk about his come up, his observations of the music industry & trends, why he brings cucumbers every time he goes to the club & more. We got him to talk a lot about his music producer career and how he was able to go viral and be succesful as a rapper to the point where he has never needed a placement with a big artist rapping over his beats. He talked about how he used social media (vine & facebook) to promote his music and gain fans little by little to the point of getting millions of views on his singles. One major piece of advice he gave to artists and producers is to go to college parties and listen and absorb the sound & energy. If you can take the elements of the music that people connect with and apply that to your music it can guide you into where your sound should be for commercial value. This also goes a long with the constantly changing "popular sound" which Beatking gave his insights and smart observations he has made about the shifts. Lots more gems in this one as always enjoy.

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1:16 Beat King FW the @Producergrind comment section
1:35 Having a real actual fan base
1:55 How he got his start in Houston selling music locally
2:51 His music is known but he's not known as much
3:21 H-Town sound vs Atlanta sound
3:57 Started making hits in 2010 and made Houston's sound more aggressive
4:18 The Memphis sound
4:49 Atlanta gets all the plugins and gets everything first
6:54 How he got the name Club Godzilla/Beat King and started rapping
8:22 The demographic of his 160k+ IG followers
9:01 New single "BDA" he's in Atlanta promoting
9:27 Looking at his IG you can't tell exactly what he does
9:57 Entertainment is about getting attention
10:36 Turning down DJ gigs because the artist money is better
11:40 Listen to the songs at college parties
13:17 The value of having a college audience
14:01 Dying his hair green and calling himself Disgustin Justin
14:41 How to get verified on Instagram & Twitter - Be highly Googlable
16:44 Steps to getting songs to DJs
17:49 The definition and evolution of the "club record" over the last 9 years
20:16 Pain and struggle rap is hot in the club right now
21:01 Never rapped about anything he didn't really live or know
21:41 How does an artist find their authentic truth and still get people to listen
24:12 How understanding production helps him find the vibe of what people are feeling
25:07 Dropping more songs in an album like Drake & Migos - streaming trick
27:30 Different rules for producers - "You can't disrespect somebody with a snare"
28:48 His production group called Texas Hammers - Kid beat prodigies
30:03 TM88 doesn't have any keyboards in his house
31:34 What are his long term plans for artistry and production
32:32 Vine broke Beatking "Throw Dat Ahh"
33:46 People are sleeping on Facebook
35:00 Freaky shows influenced by Uncle Luke
35:47 People close to him and their reactions to his work
36:42 His kids seeing some of his work
38:15 What happens if you walk into the kitchen and see them licking cucumbers?
39:28 BET Uncut & Beat King "childhood memories" to Tip Drill
40:15 Boonk Gang smashing unprotected on Instagram
41:15 How do you do something original on Instagram?
42:11 He tried putting the video out ahead of the song and used a new strategy with Snapchat to promote it and he broke his Snapchat
43:48 He put the video on PHub and monetized it - Monetized content on p sites
45:56 Overrated/Underrated
-Bad publicity
-Paid promotion on IG
-Throwing money in the club

56:27 Always try to do more than one thing - flex multiple talents
58:08 Trying to find time to make beats & his project with Gangsta Boo
1:01:06 The Umm Factor - Everything Beat King knows about creating a buzz
1:02:27 Converting his current success into long term success
1:03:58 The fan base in Texas is so big you can go platinum just in Texas
1:04:25 The @producergrind fan base and building producer culture
1:07:35 Is Snapchat done?
1:10:39 His friend Lil Ronnie the Bill Cosby impersonator

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Chad Hugo, hitmaking producer of The Neptunes and N.E.R.D., translated his funky grooves into a new sample pack - watch as he creates a hip hop groove out of his sounds.

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Filmed during Bars, the recent iteration of Native Sessions in London focusing on hip hop, grime, and R&B, UK producer Steel Banglez provided a detailed breakdown of the instrumental production 'No Words', by Dave featuring MoStack.

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In late May, Quality Control rapper Lil Baby entered the Billboard 200 at No. 3 with his debut studio album 'Harder Than Ever,' thanks in large part to the Drake-assisted single “Yes Indeed.” The Wheezy-produced track, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, is Lil Baby’s most popular song to date with well over 100 million Spotify streams, and was recently certified platinum.

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