A live stream hands on with the Polyend Tracker making hiphop beats for artist & answering questions.

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0:00 intro
16:03 polyend tracker stuff & bloopers
1:02:53 polyend tracker vs hip hop sampling?
1:47:12 polyend tracker happy hip hop accident!
2:06:26 maschine plus time
2:42:44 MPC Live ii beat making
3:10:28 chat break

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Grammy-nominated music producer Murda Beatz has worked on massive hits, from Drake’s “Nice for What” to Migos’ “Motorsport". He shares how he worked his way up making beats, and how he's spent the money he's made from it. His advice: "your network is your net worth." Watch more Men's Health "Men'$ Wealth" videos HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bu-n...

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4 days 15 hours ago

From selling beats online to getting beat placements in the music business, producers ask a lot of questions before putting themselves and their art out there. Dame says the music business isn't for everybody and explains his statement.

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4 days 15 hours ago

A MPC Beats tutorial video about how drum programs work & what you can do them. I teach some of the know basics & advanced features that you can use in the software. Also, this does carry over to the hardware too!

download the MPC Beats software for free!

How to use MPC Beats software in standalone & how to install it

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0:00 intro
0:59 what are drum programs?
3:24 creating, purging, & saving drum programs
7:50 how to customize pad colors
10:07 adding effects, layering samples, etc
13:37 loading drums to the MPC
14:43 final thought

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4 days 15 hours ago

Sign up for a FREE producer training at: https://midimoney.com/go

Wyshmaster is a Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum producer which worked with artists like TechN9ne, Nelly, RickRoss, Pitbull, T-Pain, LilWayne, E-40, Game, BoB, YoGotti & More!⁣

While achieving great things in the music industry he was one of the first ones to start selling beat leases online, which allowed him to work with greater number of artists and make bigger impact in the world.

In this episode Wyshmaster shares his story about his success in the music industry, a switch from focusing only on the industry side to actively utilizing sales funnels to further expand his brand and making over $114K in two weeks by selling beats online.

00:00 Intro
04:15 The story of Wyshmaster
26:08 What’s working right now?
36:25 Tips & tricks for marketing your beats
43:43 Launch of a new product
52:27 Strategies and techniques of a launch
1:02:03 Urgency & Scarcity in your marketing
1:06:57 Common mistakes when selling beats online
1:20:57 How to bring leads with organic marketing
1:26:56 Connect with Wyshmaster

Additional Resources:
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Now is the time to go all in and take the leap into your future.
Registration for my Sell Music Masterclass 2.0 is now open for a limited time. Claim your spot in the class here: https://www.sellmusicmasterclass.com/only-300

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Download Drill Beat Tutorial FL Studio Project Files: https://osymbeats.com/uncategorized/ygrodeobeatremake


In this video, I am going to show you how YG's "Rodeo" featuring Chris Brown and Tyga was made in 15 minutes in FL Studio 20. It appears to be a new spin on the Chicago/UK/NY Drill style. This genre is usually defined by its dark melodies, as well as its unique rhythms and 808s but this song in particular seems to be a bit of an anomaly. Though this video represents my first attempt ever at Drill music and I am not a professional in the genre, I have been living off of my music production business for several years now, and I feel this track embodies the aspects that I enjoy in drill music. There is definitely a lot more you can do in the genre and I may explore that in future videos if you're interested. Please don't hesitate to let me know what genre or tutorial you would like me to breakdown next!

Drill Beat Tutorial: How to make YG "Rodeo" Beat in 15 Minutes [FL Studio Tutorial for Beginners]


If you have any interest in purchasing any beats from me please feel free to connect with me below:

Website : http://www.osymbeats.com
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Let's hit 2K, Subscribe Here http://bit.ly/OSYMYTSub

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +13102925460

Social Media:
IG : http://instagram.com/osymbeats
Twitter : https://twitter.com/osym


Jay Z Type Beats Instrumental Playlist: https://bit.ly/JayZTypeBeatsByOSYM


Beat breakdown
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How to layer, process, automate, switch up, and shorten your 808s for perfect bass in every beat. These are Reid Stefan top 2 tips for dynamic and organic 808s from the new @mymixlab course HOW TO MIX & MASTER HIP HIP. This five part video covers my entire workflow and template for mixing and entire song from scratch in Ableton. Subscribe to http://www.MyMixLab.com to watch this full video course and all other weekly uploads

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Deedotwill 2021 Drum Kit coming next week!


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An online mentor program focused on a producer's artistic development. Sessions range from beat marketing tutorials to drum programming walk-through, and may include special guests ranging from Grammy winning producers to entertainment attorneys. Don’t miss out!

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