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0:00 - Mike Trampe, CEO of MAAD Management, LLC. breaks down why paying blogs for posts doesn't make sense.

This video and topic was NOT scripted, so I apologize for all of the "umm's," pauses and breaks. The camera also focuses in and out a few times, but I didn't want to edit this video. This is a raw, one take video and I wanted it to be genuine.

Note: I don't want to confuse this vs hiring a seasoned publicist who has relationships and genuinely cares about you, your brand, the blogs brand, and your overall career. This is more aimed at these shabby sites who just take anyones money for a post.

If you do have to seek coverage for a post, do it when your brand is flawless online, you have built and continue to build a fanbase and the music is top notch. In my opinion, blogs are important, but only when they are earned the correct way. When achieved the correct way, the blog will genuinely be supportive of your career and a relationship will be built between you and that blog. Stop taking shortcuts and trying to buy your way on to sites; it's not fair to you, the site/blog and the person who is working harder than you and doing things correctly.

And for the record, if anyone reading this does take money for posts, do your thing. I don't agree with it, but who am I to judge? I know that a lot of sites do it to pay their bills, hosting, etc...I get it, to an extent.

BUT - I watched a "big site" owner spend thousands and thousands of dollars on his brand. Just like an artist, he invested into his brand and dreams. Some sites have to stop thinking creating a hip hop blog entitles them to make money right away. I am seeing it more and more often. You don't expect a rapper to blow overnight? Well, don't expect your blog to blow overnight either.


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Scott definitely has his head back in the game. He opens up to Steve about kicking cocaine out of his life, unreleased material and what he has coming up.

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