- During an exclusive interview with VladTV, Young Chop revealed that Chief Keef's "I Dont Like" and Lil Reese's "Us" were recorded consecutively. He adds that the beat was originally played for Keef, who wasn't feeling it, so Chop turned around and gave it to Reese.

When asked why Reese hasn't put out much music since signing to Def Jam, the famed producer is unsure of the reason, although he believes that the "Traffic" rapper has more star power than Chief Keef or other newcomers he's worked with. Chop adds that Reese is a fast learner, and shares stories of how he's taught the Chicago emcee various aspects of recording, which Chop says Reese learned after only being told once.

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Unreleased rare footage & instrumentals not shown in Part 1...
Filmed & Edited by: Mars...

Studio session
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Watch as Izze The Producer and Bankroll Fresh hit the studio. Bankroll spills the beans on Izze's new project, "Izze The Producer Presents".

Studio session
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3 days 15 hours ago

Music Preview
5 days 21 hours ago

Izze The Producer Cooks Up A Beat & Speaks On The Difference In Beats He Has Produced

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7:35 In part three of our in-depth interview with Young Guru, he talks with Nick Huff Barili about a couple post he made of twitter. Nick asks Guru to elaborate on what he meant when he posted: "No offense but Jean-Michel Basquiat can't touch this man. Dondi was king!!! Style Master General!!!..." Guru explains that Basquiat gets more praise because certain "taste-makers" co-sign him as one of the greats but in his book Guru thinks Dondi Cia is the best. Guru thinks that Basquiat theory of art is great but Basquiat actual pieces don't resonate with him. There is also the debate of Street art vs Gallery art. Dondi did a lot of his work in the train yards where he had to be on the look out for authorities and other crews as well as dealing with other elements that an artist doing gallery pieces wouldn't have to deal with. The second topic Guru addresses is his post that stated "When the news stays on a story this long with no new information, it's time to pay close attention to the government." Guru points out that the law to create Federal Reserve system was slid in the day before people went on Christmas break so that no one would object to it. Such a monumental law which Guru points out is illegal by our constitution, should be debated and not just passed under the radar. Guru says that when news media is focused solely on one story for long periods of time, that there are other stories not being covered. He makes sure to particularly pay attention at those times to see what is not being told.

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Published on Jul 23, 2014
How the beat to "We are strong" of Free Crack 2 was produced, with @DJPain1 and @Memory608.

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Araabmuzik Official Video

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2:29 For More Details.

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Random Producers

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