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Soundbank Preview
11 hours 54 min ago

MODO DRUM is IK's first physical modeling drum virtual instrument. Using a powerful combination of modal synthesis and advanced sampling, MODO DRUM gives you the most deeply customizable virtual drum kits ever.

Give your drum tracks a whole new life. Learn more at www.ikmultimedia.com/products/mododrum

12 hours 29 min ago

PV - Hawthorne Drum Kit https://tinyurl.com/y4lpfaux

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Cooking up FAST Beats in FL Studio

13 hours 26 min ago

Polo G "Pop Out" producer JD on the Track talks paying for producer collabs, selling beats in 2019, signing a publishing deal and more in this exclusive Beatstars.com interview.

Should Producers Pay For Collabs? How to Sell Beats in 2019 with JD on the Track.

13 hours 30 min ago

A video about the Bass Fingers plugin by Waves Audio. It's a full featured bass guitar plugin that's focused on sounding real. It works on both Windows and MacOSX. It's even NKS formatted for Maschine MK3 users too! Bass Fingers has several true features you'd find on a real 5 string bass like low boost, sub octave, and release. You can select different bass amps and it has 7 different guitar pedals (Including my personal favorite the Wah pedal). You can articulation features that will effect the actual fret position. It has a ton of presets that'll have you ready for any type of production possible. The only con I have about this plugin is the lack of freedom to arrange the effects (though I understand why it's not there). Tell me how you feel about this plugin? Leave a comment below.

get it here

we got some of the dopes preset banks, drum kits, and MIDI packs

use the code TRAPCAMP to get 10% off!

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13 hours 32 min ago

Gaz Williams had his hands on an early bird version of the new Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Designer drum machine, an analogue remake of the classic TR-808

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13 hours 33 min ago

Bass Fingers includes the largest library of fingerstyle bass samples ever created, adapting to what you do on your keyboard and giving you the same variations and dynamics a seasoned bass player would play across the fretboard. Learn more: https://www.waves.com/fingers

Music written & produced by Yakir-Ben-Tov

13 hours 35 min ago

Find out a little bit more about who is Go Grizzly

Video Blog
13 hours 36 min ago

I recently took a trip to BERLIN and LONDON to meet with 90+ up-coming music producers. What did I find out in my trip? That producers out there are INSANELY FIRE!!!! Sure, they study "american music" but to me, they have become just as much of an influence to us as we are to them. These conversations were priceless. Every month I've been travelling to different cities every month to meet with up-coming music producers and this was my first time doing it overseas. Hip-hop music is a culture that binds us together, no matter where you're from. Our aspirations and questions and needs and goals as music producers are the same across the globe. How can I turn this into a career? How do I win a Grammy? What do I need to do to improve my social media? What's best for my workflow as a producer? These are just some of the questions I attempt to provide insight in.

To see a list of cities I'll be visiting in 2019 and to solidify your slot to meet me at a "private studio location", go to THIS LINK: https://illmindproducer.com/products/...

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Illmind is a Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum music producer, having produced records for Kanye West, Drake, J Cole, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Hamilton on Broadway + music for film/tv including Disney & more. He is also a pioneer in the "producer drum-kit" marketplace with his popular drum kit series "BLAP-KITS".

Interested in meeting Illmind? Go HERE: https://illmindproducer.com/collectio...

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Video Blog
13 hours 38 min ago


Master the art of hip-hop production with legendary producer Just Blaze. 29 lessons total that teach you the tips, tricks & tastes of one of the biggest names in the game. Includes full session files, every plugin, preset, and sample. Transposed for all major DAWs

Get the ENTIRE Just Blaze Masterclass PLUS 60+ world-class plugins: the ANA 2 Synthesizer, the industry’s most game-changing new synth; the Kilohearts Bundle from Sonic Academy featuring Snap Heap and Multipass; the TH-U Slate Edition Guitar Amps & FX Bundle (featuring 3 new amp rigs modeled at NRG studios); the Virtual Analog Bundle featuring 30+ of the world’s most sonically-authentic analog-modeled plugins; and full enrollment into the Just Blaze course and DOZENS of other online production masterclasses taught by industry legends!

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