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This One Simple Trick Helped My Drums , Sample Making , Mixes & Arrangements Get Better

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I'm seeing all these ads for free for-profit beats or 30 beats for 5.99. It seems crazy, like something that could destroy our business. But I remember that I felt the same way about 24.99 beat licenses and "type beats." Here is why I was wrong about selling beats online. Hope you can be inspired to do better by the mistakes I have made.

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In this tutorial, we're checking out a unique, vibey echo effect that will set your pop / RNB hook vocals apart from the rest!

James Garlimah - "1990" (Prod. by Sauceboy)

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0:00 - Greetings & overview
0:12 - Distructor distortion plugin (free)
1:14 - Fruity Voltage Controller CV plugin (free)
2:02 - Stepsequencer Euclidean Rhythms advanced fill tool
3:08 - SoundCloud Export
4:12 - Playlist export all tracks
5:12 - Burn to MIDI record internal note/MIDI data
7:34 - Automation Clip articulation menu
7:54 - General settings warnings management and startup project
8:14 - Default colors
8:41 - Wrapper customization, smart disable
9:09 - FLEX updates
9:58 - Fruity granulizer updates
10:25 - MIDI Out updates
10:49 - NewTime time warping plugin
11:41 - Lifetime Free Updates



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Atl Jacob visits Creekside HighSchool to give inspiration to the young up coming producers in the school and celebrates his Birthday all in One Day.

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Publishing royalties for unsigned artists and many producers are low. So how important is publishing? And how are royalty points calculated for producers? Karl Fowlkes, entertainment lawyer, explains this confusing concept.

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A video about EQ'ing 808's for creating a better mix in FL Studio. Should you use an EQ? Which EQ will make a difference when getting rid of unwanted frequency. How do you feel about this video? Please leave a comment below!

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Maximus (multi-band compressor)
FL Parametric EQ 2
FL EQ Equo

Scheps 73

Fabfilter Q3

Neutron 3

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Legendary musician, rapper, and record producer Timbaland turned to a body-builder-inspired diet to help lose over 100 pounds. On the latest episode of Gym & Fridge, Timbaland shows off the food and gym that got him into shape at his amazing Miami home.

Timbaland Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

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In this clip T2 Bassline Explains Everything You Need To Know About Publishing... In 12 Minutes! We start off by breaking down how much money is made from 1,000,000 streams, whether on Spotify, Apple Music etc. We then break down the streaming revenue into two categories and explain the performance, mechanical and sales revenues behind each of them. We then talk about the whole concept and business model behind music publishing, we talk about purchasing cash flows and relate it to real estate to give a clear example that we can picture in our heads. T2 then breaks down how they are in the intellectual property business which is identical to the property property business. Publishing can be very complicated but T2 does an excellent job breaking it down into simple terms that everyone can understand.

CEODylan's Community Placement Pack (Free Sample Pack & Loop Kit)

Producergrind FREE Sample Pack (Guitar Samples, Trap Loop Kit, Cubeatz Type)
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Collection of 25 Trap Samples, Guitar Loops Free, Cubeatz Style Sample Pack, Spanish Guitar Samples, Soul Samples, lofi samples, etc...

Taken From T2 Bassline Interview on The Producergrind Podcast

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